Youth Group

The MBC Youth Group is a place where teenagers can learn about Jesus, grow in who they are, and enjoy some memorable, fun times through games and activities.

When and Where?

Friday nights from 7-10pm at Mayerthorpe Baptist Church.

What should I bring?

Your Bible, (if you don’t have one we can get you one) and an eagerness to have some fun and make new friends!

What Age Group is Youth For?

Youth Group at MBC is for those in grades 7-12, or are within those age categories if in public school.

Who’s Who?

Our current regular Youth Leaders are Brody Taylor (Student Ministries Director), Lorree, Cassandra, Lawson, and Jessica.

What are we teaching?

Each Sunday as we close our morning service, we recite the Great Commission together found in Matthew 28:19-20. With these weekly reminders of what disciples of Jesus are called to do, we’ve chosen at Youth Group to do a study that looks at what the disciples did with this command from Jesus. Starting on January 7th we began going through an 8 part video series by Louie Giglio on the book of Acts.

In the past we’ve systematically worked through books of the Bible such as Mark, 1 Peter, James, Ephesians, and 1 John. We’ve also utilized various RightNow Media series over the years by teachers such as Francis Chan, Matt Chandler, and David Nasser. We just finished working through season 2 of The Chosen as a dynamic illustration for teaching on the passages and themes they based the episodes off of. Last Spring we went through a series on “How to Read the Bible” using videos made by, “The Bible Project” to help teach responsible handling of God’s word in a concise, easy to understand way.

What About COVID?

We are striving to follow all government mandated restrictions on places of worship and as our church leadership directs us. This means that right now masks are required inside at MBC, physical distancing will be upheld and encouraged as much as possible, and those who are not feeling well are asked to stay home until they recover.

For a taste of what our Lesson/Bible Study time is like, check out the videos below…

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